Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Katie's Projects

I have a fantastic friend who is creative and frugal - two of my favorite things. She told me about some of her projects that she did for her daughter's room and I had to share them!
First - the wooden letters for her name - she painted them to match the wall paper, very cute!

Then the coat rack - she found it at a thrift store and painted it with matching paint. It turned out beautifully!

Last is the trash can - I am so impressed - what an awesome idea!!! She took one of her daughters old blankets and wrapped it around the trash can gluing as she went. Then finished it by cutting out some of the graphics from the leftover wall paper and gluing them on.

Way to go Katie!!! Using things that would have ended up in the trash - getting creative and saving money! Lots of money! That stuff would have cost a pretty penny if you looked for something similar in a retail store, and it wouldn't have matched as well either!

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