Friday, March 6, 2009

Sick sick sick - JBF Sale

I haven't had time to even check my email lately. Bub has had pneumonia twice in the last 5 weeks; it didn't clear up entirely the first time. We have been doing breathing treatments around the clock for 4 days now and he still doesn't sound great.

All that said, I had some time when my mom was visiting to go through the kids stuff and consign in the Just Between Friends Sale. If you haven't been to the Tulsa sale it is worth going just to see the amount of stuff in that building. I went to one in Broken Arrow last fall and loved it. I went with a friend who got a presale pass as a First Time Mom. I think if you are looking for something in particular you need to have a presale pass or go the first day. Almost everything I had was sold by the end of the first day the sale opened to the public. I plan on consigning stuff in the Tulsa sale every Spring and Fall. There is a 10$ consignor fee and then you earn 65%. If you volunteer you can earn 70% and get a pass to shop before other consignors. It's pretty easy to print tags now with the new system. You can also track your items and see what sells each day. If you go look at your sales report it will show you what your estimated check amount is (your 65% with the consignor fee subtracted).

I consigned 104 items. As of yesterday I sold 80 of them (most of them at full price). My estimated check amount is more than 300$! I think the rest of my stuff will sell by Saturday (50% off day - Thurs/Fri is 25%).
The best part is that I went to the sale Sat (with the consignor presale pass) and spent 185$ for clothes for both kids that will give them some good staples for their Spring and Summer wardrobes. I also got some toys that will help Bub with his physical therapy stuff.

So I made back what I spent plus at least 125$! Totally worth the effort - I highly recommend it.