Thursday, October 30, 2008

Burp Cloths

Here is what I'm making for some of the new babies in our Sunday School class.

I just bought a higher end washcloth and wrapped the edges with yarn like this -

Then crocheted one row all the way around - I don't know the correct terms for crocheting, I am self-taught, but on the corners crochet one and then do one extra loop before crocheting the next so it lays flat. They are easy and really cute and they are also really absorbent for the big spitters out there!

Bubba's Progress

For those who don't know, my eight month old son is behind in his development. In Oklahoma we have an awesome program called SoonerStart where different therapists (depending on your child's needs) come out to your home and work with your child. They also show you different ways to help you help your child. Well, Bub is doing SO much better! We're so proud of him. He is coming up on 8 months old and he is now holding his head steady, holding up his body weight when you hold him (this makes carrying him around much easier for me), rolling over from tummy to back both to the right and left, and I have every confidence he will be sitting up unsupported by Christmas (maybe Thanksgiving!).

We're not exactly sure the reason for his delays. He has torticollis, which is what we've been treating through physical therapy. Here is a picture of our Bub at about 3 months -
You can see how this would delay development!!!

He also has issues with extension, or throwing his body backward in an arch. This caused us to think he may have Cerebral Palsy. However, none of the doctors we've taken him to think we need to be overly concerned about that. They say we wait to see how he improves with the PT. He is a totally different baby these days and we hope to see enough continued improvement that we can avoid going to a pediatric neurologist for an MRI (to see if there is any brain damage).
There are people all over the country praying for our little Bubba and we appreciate every single prayer. The power of prayer is extraordinary and we are blessed to have dedicated prayer warriors on both sides of our family. I plan to keep my blog updated with his progress and with the steps we are taking to help him improve. I will also try my best to put into words the feelings of having a baby who isn't "normal".

One Month of Projects

This November I will joining Patricia in her One Month of Projects. I will be trying to come up with a new project each day and detail that project in a notebook with sketches and notes. The plan is to come up with as many Christmas gifts and baby shower gifts as I can. Since I know about 100 people who are pregnant or trying this will come in very handy this year! Thanks for the motivation Patricia!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paper Fun

My mom introduced me to A Little Hut and I will be drawing inspiration from her during this holiday season. I've recently been on a paper craft kick so I was really excited to see some really awesome stuff by a great designer!
These are some things I thought would be fun to make for my daughter.
Paper fliers -

wallets -

And some boxes (which she LOVES to play with - I made several in different sizes so they can stack and nest) -

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I went to Homeland last night and saved about 40% . I was hoping I would do better, but I had to buy stuff that wasn't on sale since it's been awhile since I've gone shopping. Remember Homeland doubles coupons up to $1! Here are some of the deals I got-

Sale Items-
Veg-all Cans x3 ~ 2.25 - MC (insert) $1/3 = 3 for .25
Kellogg's Cereal ~ 1.99 - MC (printable) $1/1 = Free
Frosted Mini Wheats ~ 3.00 - MC (printable) $1/1 = 1$
Voila Frozen Dinner ~ 3.00 - MC (insert) $1/1 = 1$

Ronzoni Pasta ~ 1.68 - MC (insert) $1/1 = .32 overage
Whisker Lickens Cat Treats ~ 1.67 - MC (insert) $1/1 = .33 overage

I got Juicy Juice for about 1.30 with a printable $1/1 and there were a few other things that I can't recall right now but I don't feel like searching for my receipt. Thank you to Sarah for telling me you have to cut the coupon out of the ad and hand it to the cashier. Saved me some time at the register. I saved about 65$ after my One Card savings, and coupons. Not bad.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Thank you to Sarah for pointing out the coupons and rebate overlaps at MoneySavingMom. I went last night and exchanged 4 packs of diapers for different sizes, bought some Enfamil Formula, the Automatic Shower Cleaner (Scrubbing Bubbles), some scrubbing bubbles cleaner, windex, shout, and pledge wipes and I spent 27$!!!! The formula alone was 28$ before coupons! Not only that, but I have 14$ coming in rebates! Not a bad haul for 13$!!!!!