Sunday, September 28, 2008

Deaf Awareness Week

This is a link to Amy's blog. This is the classroom I used to work in - the character web is for them.

Character Web - The Castle In The Attic

I used to work in a 4th and 5th grade classroom and I would make character webs for the book we were reading. Well, I enjoy it so I'm still doing it. Here's the one I made for The Castle in the Attic. I used construction paper, tempera paint, crayons, glue stick, and my printer.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Easy Project

I don't know if I have a picture for this one because we did it at school, but it was really fun!
Cover a box with white paper. Give kid/s watercolors, a paintbrush, and some water. I wasn't sure how they would do with this...they're 2 years old. But, they really liked it and even with a few water spills - it was pretty low stress and low maintenance.
A few tips - only put 1/2 in of water into their cup/s. That way, when they spill, it's not a tragedy.
Older kids could do a mural.

My new coupon book

Well, thanks to inspiration from My Slice Of Life, I decided to completely reorganize my coupons. It took a couple hours, but it's totally worth the work. It's going to cut my shopping time by a LOT. Here are some pictures!

There are separate sections in the back for specific stores and the weekly ads.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awesome Green Bean 'French Fries'

I don't know if people already do this or not. Last night I made chicken salad wraps for dinner and I needed a way to get the serving of vegetables into the meal. I didn't want to just do broccoli or something, it felt like it needed a finger food. Anyway, this is what I came up with.

I took a can of french cut green beans and spread them out on a cookie sheet. Then I put bread crumbs and parmesan cheese on it and broiled it on a med setting until they started turning up and then another 5 or so min. Then I flipped them over and broiled them on high until they started turning up plus 5 minutes. They weren't crispy like french fries, but they were finger food - and they were GOOD! They would have been good with a little more seasoning.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Katie's Projects

I have a fantastic friend who is creative and frugal - two of my favorite things. She told me about some of her projects that she did for her daughter's room and I had to share them!
First - the wooden letters for her name - she painted them to match the wall paper, very cute!

Then the coat rack - she found it at a thrift store and painted it with matching paint. It turned out beautifully!

Last is the trash can - I am so impressed - what an awesome idea!!! She took one of her daughters old blankets and wrapped it around the trash can gluing as she went. Then finished it by cutting out some of the graphics from the leftover wall paper and gluing them on.

Way to go Katie!!! Using things that would have ended up in the trash - getting creative and saving money! Lots of money! That stuff would have cost a pretty penny if you looked for something similar in a retail store, and it wouldn't have matched as well either!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Project

I think I'm going to find some fabric and try to make this skirt for my daughter.
I think I'll add pockets and a lining though. I'm excited!

I'm So Proud

My husband works hard and he really does amazing work.  I'm very proud of him for his latest project and I wanted to show it off. He did most of the design work and a lot of the building for Hanson's new charity website, Take The Walk.  Check it out!!!

Landfill Fossils

I found these fossils in some kind of shale at the landfill in Sand Springs.
If anyone knows what any of these are, I would love to know!

I thought this looked like a tooth or a claw - I don't think this is shale - I found it in a different area.

Crinoids in my Washer

Well, I've seen the Rocks In My Dryer Blog. This morning I found crinoids in my washer. My daughter must have been putting them in her pockets!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Oklahoma Fossils

My mom and I went fossil hunting during her visit from Virginia. We went to the Arkansas River, a landfill in Sand Springs and to a location on private property in Seminole County. We found lots of awesome stuff - I'm still waiting to have most of it identified, but it's all really cool! Here are some photos -
Seminole County - see all the Crinoid Stems?
My haul from Seminole Co.
I'm going to make my daughter a Crinoid Stem Necklace with these sections!
These are from the landfill - found in some kind of shale.

If anyone knows anything about fossils in OK and wants to help me ID some of mine let me know! I have an awesome one of a plant that I need to photograph. Plants are more rare than animals - they're destroyed more easily. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I'm pumped about it! Hooray for fossils!