Friday, August 29, 2008

Update on the 'Aquaglobe'

It's working well!

I do have a few tips tho:
1. When filling with water - squeeze the bottle and slowly release under the stream of water, it goes a LOT faster!
2. When putting into your plant - use a chopstick (or a pencil/pen) - to make a hole where you want to put your globe. This will help prevent clogging the end with dirt.
3. If you think your globe is clogged - pull it up about an inch and squeeze some water out, then gently put back.
4. If you put the end of your globe in the bottom of your plant only the bottom of your plant will get water. If your plant is well established this is fine - the roots will go deeper to get to the water. If you have a newer plant I would recommend putting the stem of your globe in at an angle so the end of it is nearer to the surface.

If anyone else tries this - let me know how it works for you!

For info on how to make it go to my old blog -

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