Friday, November 7, 2008

Hand Towel Bibs

Check out these bibs...I'm going to make some for my son!

Click here for directions on how to make this bib!


jrodkrod said...

Hey Karen!

I was just taking a minute to see what's new on your site (which I absolutely love. I always know when to look cause you post it on myspace, so keep doing that!) Anyway, my husbands grandmother has made a bunch of those hand towel bibs for our daughter, Caydence (13-months) and I LOVE them. They are the absolute best. When she's finished eating I take it off and clean her high chair with it and then toss it in the wash. The only difference in mine and yours is mine have no velcro. It just slides on over her head. Since the neck part is stretchy, we've had no trouble with it, and it's still snug once it's on. Grammy makes some with the hole at one end, and others with the hole in a corner, so that it comes down at a point and the corners cover her shoulders. She's used short cloths and longer towels that come all the way down and cover Caydee's lap. I put a pic on Myspace for you in my mom stuff folder. Try to copy and paste this link.

Doesn't do other people any good cause my profile is private but you can steal the pic if you want. We have a bunch more of them, but considering we USE them, these are the only clean ones!

Okay, back to the grind!

-Katie Rodgers

jrodkrod said...


One more thing. Looks like the neck part is different on my bibs. I think Grammy cuts the necks out of old t-shirts or sweat-shirts and sews them into the hole.


KarensKidCrafts said...

I like the idea of using old tshirts or sweatshirts! Smart! I'll go see if I can copy and paste that picture!